I've been invited to Eden; what do I need to know?

Welcome to EdenOS!

By joining Eden you effectively are taking part in a unique case study in a customized application of fractal democracy. If you want to learn more about the practice and need for Fractal Democratic systems, read the book that inspired EdenOS, "More Equal Animals" by Daniel Larimer.

What is Eden?

Further Background:

Some supplementary writings Dan's done since the book about the details of implementation

New Eden Members: who do we want to be inviting?

The Fractal Democracy idea relies on the process for individuals coming to agreement so they can consensually coordinate their action. New members should be intimately familiar with the process of consensus described in More Equal Animals and be committed to support it as well as the independence of the community and its members, as described in the book.

Who to invite? Invite those you'd trust alone in your house...

"These should be people you trust, people you'd want to be your neighbors... you want hard-working, passionate people who value coming to consensus." — Dan in weekly Eden AMA

To become a member of the Eden community...

At a high level, becoming a member of the Eden community will look like this:

  1. Study More Equal Animals so you're fully aware of why Eden is significant and why you would want to participate.
  2. Read and understand the Eden Peace Treaty. This is critically what you're agreeing to and here to support in becoming a member. You should review it, understand it, and ask questions as needed. In your Induction Meeting, you'll be asked to confirm your alignment with this Peace Treaty. For further background on the ideas it represents, see More Equal Animals.
  3. Receive an invite from an existing member. (If you don't know an existing member and are wondering how you can join, see Getting an Invite).
  4. Once you have received an invite, you'll be directed to the Member Portal, which will elegantly lead you through the process. The membership process will—in short—entail the following

Membership is now open!